Creative and enthusiastic publicity for books and authors!

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What kinds of books do you work on?

I have worked on a variety of genres including fiction, history, politics, science, romance, picture books, young adult novels, cookbooks, mystery, and memoir. I have promoted #1 New York Times bestselling authors, politicians, debut authors, scientists, literary darlings, celebrities, self-published authors, beloved children’s authors/artists, historians, and activists.

What are your rates?

My rates vary according to the project specifics and timeline.

Why hire a freelance publicist?

I know for a fact that many in-house publicists do an amazing job handling the numerous titles/projects they are assigned. However, it always helps to have more people on your team focused and devoted to promoting you and your book/business. As a freelancer, I can devote more time, energy, and enthusiasm to each project I work on.

Can you get me on ELLEN?

Let’s see what dance moves you have—then we’ll talk.

Can you recommend additional publishing professionals?

Yes, I certainly can!

If you’re looking for a literary agent, you should consider reaching out to the following super agents who are passionate about books and writing: Rachel Ekstrom Courage, Andrea Somberg, and Danielle Chiotti.

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